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PLAY Expo Glasgow

30th April 2018 by James McPherson

We’re thrilled to talk about our involvement with Replay Events at PLAY Expo Glasgow this year. From their website: Scotland’s… View Article

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Starting a Fighting Game scene

14th February 2018 by James McPherson

This is a revised version of a Facebook post Dougie ‘Ruffdawg’ Brechin made in the group UK FIghting Games. Given… View Article

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Hypespotting 7

28th November 2017 by James McPherson

At Versus Scotland we’ve been running Hypespotting for six years straight. It’s a large community event made up of small… View Article

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Black Friday Fighting Game Sales

22nd November 2017 by David Barrett

So Thanksgiving is this week and even if that doesn’t mean much to us Scots, we do get to enjoy… View Article

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BIG Smash Autumn 2017 Recap

4th November 2017 by David Barrett

Marking the fifth BIG event to take place since the initial Big Battlefield last year, we once again returned to… View Article

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