Hypespotting 7

28th November 2017 by James McPherson

At Versus Scotland we’ve been running Hypespotting for six years straight. It’s a large community event made up of small groups, and it is around this time of year that we announce our plans for the next installment. As with all things, we occasionally need a break to make sure we don’t lose sight of the big picture or wear ourselves thin. Hypespotting has always been a labour of love, with our staff devoting a lot of time, money and energy to the creation of each of our events.

With that said, we’ve collectively made the decision to postpone Hypespotting 7 for the time being, and will not make an appearance in Spring 2018.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of Hype! We’ll still be bringing you Hypespotting 7 and many more after. However, the group needs time to wind down, get Versus Scotland back to its grassroots, and to concentrate on the things we enjoy about being in the FGC. This means locals and weeklies, small scale tournaments in the pub, and general FGC news in Scotland.

This is the main reason we’ve recently rebooted our website. We’ve been enjoying the new creative outlet it gives us to do event organisation, news posts, and to help highlight what goes on north of the border (and beyond). We’ll continue to put on awesome events in 2018. Keep an eye on our Weeklies page to see what goes on in your area, or tell us about what events you are putting on so we can help highlight it!

Postponing Hypespotting has been a hard decision to make and we haven’t made it lightly. We feel this is greatly needed so as to not compromise the high bar of quality we want to achieve at every Hypespotting, or the integrity of Versus Scotland as a whole. With a decent break we’ll be back better, stronger and fiercer than ever to make Hypespotting 7 a solid event filled with pure and simple, hype gaming action.

The Versus Scotland Team

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