BIG Smash Autumn 2017 Recap

4th November 2017 by David Barrett

Marking the fifth BIG event to take place since the initial Big Battlefield last year, we once again returned to the wonderful Drygate venue in Glasgow. This event marked the first time in a year that Smash 4 and Melee shared the same space, which went well overall. While there was a few minor issues, people at the event sounded keen on coming back to future events.

Photo of doubles players from BIG Smash Autumn 2017

Photo credit: @CrocketzSSB

The event started smoothly (albeit slightly on tournament standard time), with doubles kicking off shortly before noon. Melee and Smash 4 started off well, with teams duking it out through the brackets of each game. Melee was taken pretty cleanly by ‘Phadeless’, who only dropped 2 games during winners finals before winning grand finals 3-0 over TimeMuffinPhD and Graeme. On the Smash 4 side of things, the competition for first place was a lot more heated. GottSlump vs Andeku consisted of a total of 15 games across winners and grand finals. Andeku managed to clinch it out in grand finals though, with Ander walking away with his first tournament win of the day.

Melee pools match at BIG Smash Autumn 2017

Photo credit: @CrocketzSSB

Next up came pools, with some notable upsets taking place there as well. English player SHIP would barely make it out of pools, followed by a round 1 bracket loss against Slump. Over in Smash 4, a couple of major upsets happened in pools with both Slump and Swaggins going through to top 12 in losers. Doctor Arcfire who had been having a year of mixed results took it over Swaggins 2-0 in winners finals of their pool. Riaz who had fairly low attendance throughout a lot of 2017 eked out a win against one of Scotland’s best players, Slump, would go all the way to winners finals.

Grand finals of Rivals of Aether at BIG Smash Autumn 2017

Photo credit: @CrocketzSSB

With pools out of the way, the Rivals of Aether top 6 began on the main stage. Taking out the local heroes, team Hound’s EU^Tom made a clean run through winners to walk away with first place. The top 4 was closely contested though, with team Radiant’s TimeMuffinPhD taking it over myself 3-1 and then Pon 3-2 in losers finals. Afterwards, a code for the game was given out to players at the venue with thanks going to the Rivals of Aether developers for supplying the event with a code to give away. As well as a free copy of the game, a beta version of the upcoming game version was available for attendees to try out.

Top 8 commentary provided by Socks and Linney at BIG Smash Autumn 2017

Photo credit: @CrocketzSSB

After Rivals wrapped up, Melee took the main stage once again, with a hype top 8. A the first upset occurred when TimeMuffinPhD lost to Phade in winners finals. Phade has been considered the second strongest player in Scotland for some time, regularly placing below TimeMuffinPhD at events in recent times. Maskless then faced again in losers finals, only for TimeMuffinPhD to disqualify himself mid set to the player he had beaten earlier in the day. The grand finals would be between the two teammates, who put on a great show to the pleasure of the crowd. Ultimately Phade took the set and stood on stage, victorious as the first Scottish Melee champion at a BIG event.

Phade with his first place medal from BIG Smash Autumn 2017

Photo credit: @SHIP_Combo

Over in Smash 4, the bracket saw a return to more “normal” results. Slump made the run through losers all the way to grand finals. It wasn’t easy though, as both Swaggins and Riaz took it to game 5 against him. Ander was waiting and ready however, taking it convincingly over Slump 3-1. This would mark Ander’s first victory at BIG and secured his place as the number 2 player in Scotland.

BIG Smash was a great event for the Scottish Smash Bros scenes and marked a return to the communities being unified under 1 roof. Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come for the scenes in the future.

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